Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ford MoDe:Flex Smartbike

Transportation is constantly evolving. You likely know Ford for the variety of cars, trucks, and SUV's they offer. Now, Ford is continuing to contribute to the evolution of transportation with a new concept. Smart bikes are some of the latest developments coming from the innovative minds at Ford. The new MoDe:Flex, designed to be part of a bike enthusiasts lifestyle, is the latest addition to the trio of ebikes, preceded by the MoDe:Me, a collapsable commuter style ebike, and the Mode:Pro, a courier style ebike. With a host of unique features, the MoDe:Flex is a step toward the future of transportation.

The MoDe:Flex is part of a new Ford development called "Multi-Modal Urban Mobility Solutions." The idea is to create a cohesive, convenient, journey within urban environments through the use of multiple forms of transportation. This ebike connects with your smartphone via the MoDe:Link app.
Through the use of the app, you have access to hands-free navigation, weather conditions, time, and traffic information, all while riding a bike.

The smart bike also connects with your smartwatch. Through the use of a smartwatch, your heart rate is tracked and is used with the feature known as "no sweat mode." No sweat mode is any urban commuters dream. As your heart rate is tracked, the bike responds with its electric pedal assist. The ebike is equipped with a motor and battery that help to alleviate fatigue while riding. That means, you  don't have to worry about drying out your work shirt after your morning commute anymore.

While riding this ebike, you'll also receive safety notifications. For example, the pothole warning system will cause the handlebars to vibrate and the smartwatch to beep. The bike is also fitted with ultrasonic sensors to warn you of approaching cars from the rear. Innovative technology like this is designed with your safety in mind.

With a futuristic design and a variety of unique features, the MoDe:Flex is an innovative addition to the world of bikes and transportation. The MoDe:Flex is meant to adapt to the ever-changing preferences of consumers in a world that is becoming increasingly congested with traffic. City commuters will have another option for getting to work that is intended to make the experience safe and comfortable. As society changes, so will the designs at Ford so you can Go Further.