Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Meet Cathy Tepaske Part 2

Cathy Tepaske began at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane in August of 2014. Cathy says she enjoys working with people from all backgrounds and age groups. She explained that in a day, she might find herself helping a young person find their first car, or she could be helping someone in their 80's find the car or truck of their dreams.

Cathy says that one of the things that sets Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane apart is the "Best Price Philosophy. "It's fair for everyone," she said. She went on to say, "It used to be that good negotiators got better deals on cars. Our way of doing business eliminates the haggling and hassling, and no matter who the customer is, the price is the same. It's a kinder, better way of doing business."

When asked what sets her apart as a Sales Consultant, she said, "the obvious answer is that I'm one of the two female Sales Consultants here, but I think the better answer is that selling cars was always a career goal." Cathy explained that her grandfather sold Fords in the 30's and 40's in this market. She remembers the stories he would tell about selling cars during the depression, and his love for Fords. She also mentioned, "his last car, and my college car, was a 1983 Ford Crown Victoria LTD that was in the family for 26 years. I like the idea of following in his footsteps."

When asked what her favorite vehicle on the lot was, she said she's deciding between two vehicles for herself right now. She explained that she has a husband and kids and her husband has a business. She enjoys the flexibility, space and features of the Ford Explorer, but she's also impressed with the fuel economy, versatility, and room of the Transit.

In her free time, Cathy enjoys watching her kids play in sporting activities, reading, and traveling. She says she hopes to travel to Spain for a couple weeks to teach English with her father sometime in the next year or two. She also enjoys writing. She's had four articles published and she's also been outlining a plot for a book that she hopes to write someday.

Cathy is ambitious and always ready to help. One thing she believes is, "There's a big difference between loving your car and not loving your car. I want to help people find a car they love."