Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Meet Keena Mohr Part 2

After recent interest in the popular Eau Claire Ford radio commercials, we decided to learn more about one of the featured voices, Keena Mohr. To read Part 1 of "Meet Keena Mohr", Click Here. Keena enjoys her involvement in the community. Currently, she is an Ambassador for the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce, on the board of directors for the Literacy Volunteers Chippewa Valley, a member of the Women's Giving Circle, and a member of Young Professionals of the Chippewa Valley. One thing Keena wants everyone to know about Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane is that it's "the best place to work AND buy or service any vehicle." After her recent appearance in various radio commercials, there are some big questions we felt compelled to address. We asked, "How many shoes does your mom have?" Keena opted to plead the fifth. We decided to go after another frequently asked question and asked, "How is your Dad's golf swing going?" Again, Keena opted to plead the fifth. However, there was one highly anticipated question she did give us a hint on. We asked, "When will your dog, Saint, be featured in a radio commercial?" She replied, "Maybe when she is older. She's only 5 months old so she is still too young." Only time will tell if everyone's favorite dealership dog will make an appearance, but for now, we'll keep our focus on Rick's golf swing.