Friday, January 1, 2016

Meet Keena Mohr

Keena Mohr grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota until the middle of seventh grade, when her parents had the opportunity to move to Eau Claire, Wisconsin and purchase the local Ford dealership. Since then, she's lived in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls. She loves the people in Eau Claire, and likes how everyone is so friendly and considerate. She also likes that Eau Claire is just a short drive from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Keena enjoys needle pointing and playing with her dog, Saint. When asked if it's true that she brings her dog to work each day, she replied, "I plead the fifth," then explained that she does bring her dog, Saint, to work with her. Saint can typically be found sleeping or chewing on shoes. Keena is happy to be working at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln Quick Lane as a Marketing Manager. She began her career at the Eau Claire dealership in high school as a Service Cashier. After taking a temporary leave of absence for college, and graduating with degree in Business Administration, it was an easy decision to return as a Social Media Director at the dealership. She says that the car business is in her blood, as she grew up in a family with heavy involvement in the industry. She says, that she can't resist the pull of the family business. Keena also mentioned her excitement to begin NADA Dealer Candidate Academy in Washington DC beginning January 11th. Her goal is to become the Dealer Principal of her own store one day, and she strives to make her parents proud, and to be happy, and successful.