Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Open and Start a Push Button Vehicle with a Dead Key Fob Battery - 2016 Ford Fusion

(Example shown is on a 2016 Ford Fusion. Other vehicles may require alternative steps.)
If your vehicle has keyless ignition and the battery in your key fob dies, you will need an alternative way to get inside, and start, your vehicle. 

First, look at the backside of your key fob, and find the tab. Use your fingernail to pull down the tab and remove the back to find the key inside.

Next, locate the small hole on the underside of your vehicle's door handle.

Insert the key and press upward. Use your other hand to remove the plastic cover by sliding the cover to the right.

Once the cover is off, unlock the door by inserting the key and turning to the right.

Now, open the center console and locate the slot inside. Put your key fob inside the slot with the buttons facing forward.

Now, press the brake pedal, and start your vehicle. 

Your vehicle is now ready to drive.