Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Get Your Oil Changed?

You've likely been told that getting the oil changed in your vehicle is important. However, you may not have been told why. Oil changes are an essential part of vehicle maintenance. If the oil in your vehicle isn't changed, it can lead to many expensive, and time consuming problems.

Why Does My Engine Need Oil?
The primary job of your engine oil, is to lubricate the moving parts in your engine. With properly maintained oil, the components of your vehicle's engine can keep moving smoothly. All of the moving parts inside the engine create a lot of friction, and as a result, heat. Engine oil helps to reduce the amount of friction between the components of the engine, and carries away the heat as well. 

Why Does Engine Oil Need To Be Changed?
It makes sense to keep oil inside the engine of your vehicle, but why does it need to be changed? Since the parts inside your engine are constantly working, they eventually get worn and create debris. Debris from combustion can also be found in the engine. The debris inside the engine can be picked up by the engine oil, and as a result, the oil gets dirty. The dirty oil is thicker than clean oil, and has a more difficult time moving and keeping the components lubricated.

Dirty oil does not work as well as clean oil. That's why getting your oil changed is important. The dirtier the oil gets, the less effectively it works. That means, the components inside your engine don't move as smoothly, and the engine becomes hotter because of the extra friction. Eventually, the parts inside your engine will become excessively worn out, and will need to be replaced. If your engine oil doesn't get changed, eventually your engine could completely stop moving. All of this results in repairs that cost you money. 

What Can I Do To Avoid These Expensive Problems?
Fortunately, these problems can be avoided simply by getting the engine oil in your vehicle changed on a regular basis. You can keep your engine running smoothly and avoid expensive repairs, all by getting your oil changed.

At Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center located at Eau Claire Ford Lincoln, you can get your oil changed by experienced technicians to avoid the problems associated with dirty engine oil. 

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