Friday, October 28, 2016

NADA Dealer Candidate Academy with Keena Lindberg

Keena Lindberg is currently attending National Automotive Dealer Association Dealer Candidate Academy. Current and future operators of dealerships can attend the programs at NADA Dealer Candidate Academy to learn the newest developments of the industry and to reinforce important practices of running a successful auto dealership. As an enrolled student at the Academy, Keena is required to complete six week-long classroom sessions. In addition, between classroom sessions, candidates work in different ares of the dealership to learn through hands-on experience. The six major areas include, financial management, parts, service, pre-owned vehicles, new vehicles, and business leadership. Keena is excited to be graduating on November 18, 2016. Along with all the great information she's learned, Keena has enjoyed the friendships she's built with other next-generation car dealers. She said, "My class has a group chat where 44 of us can ask questions to each other and get advice." She noted that they interact daily. Keena has put a substantial amount of effort and energy into her work at the Academy, and has taken away knowledge that will benefit her and the dealership for years to come.