Thursday, December 31, 2015

Why Shouldn't I Use Water Instead of Washer Fluid in my Car?

Why Do I Need Washer Fluid?
Windshield washer fluid, also called washer fluid, wiper fluid, and a variety of other names, is used to clean the windshield of your vehicle. Washer fluid makes cleaning the outside of your windshield possible as you drive. That's why it's important to maintain your windshield washer fluid. If you fill your washer fluid when needed, you'll be able to see clearly and drive safely.

Why Shouldn't I Use Water?
It's important that you use the correct fluid when re-filling the reservoir. The reservoir is intended for using only washer fluid. So, it's recommended that you only use washer fluid, not water. There a few reasons why washer fluid is more effective than water. Consider the following:
  • Washer fluid is more effective at cleaning than water. Plain and simple, washer fluid is designed to clean the windshield of your vehicle. Water, is just water. It would be like washing your dishes without soap, and that doesn't sound very appetizing. 
  • Water can freeze. Anyone that has driven a vehicle in cold weather understands the frustration involved with an icy windshield. If you were to use water in place of washer fluid in cold temperatures, you would be spraying water on your windshield, creating a layer of ice. Driving with an icy windshield is dangerous, and scraping it off is a chore. Furthermore, before all of this would happen, you risk freezing water inside the reservoir. That means, you can't wash your windshield, and/or your reservoir could burst because of the frozen water. Both of which, are no fun for you. If you live in a cold climate, you should also note that ensuring the washer fluid you use is appropriate for cold temperatures.
What Can I Do To Avoid These Problems?
These problems can be avoided simply by using the proper windshield washer fluid in your vehicle. Washer fluid is typically inexpensive, and can help you avoid potentially expensive, and dangerous problems. 

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